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Kids and the word NO

How often adults end of doing stuff they simply don’t like because of the social, emotional, parental and other taboos this simple word would entail ?? All of us have been victims of boring conversations, mindless chatter, insipid invitations etc etc. So much is done to please others and thus displease self all for the refusal of a simple word. This word sure is powerful when you see how very effortlessly it is used and misused by kids.

My personal learning from children has been quite very easily the NO’S come from tiny mouths who have been on the planet for much shorter times than we have! Of course, a defiant no , a stubborn no is a big NO NO but what I have observed is how very wonderfully they seem to have a complete control on their minds in most situations dealing with humans, be it their peer groups, other parents and adults , even close friends etc..their clarity in probably trivial matters like choice of clothing, footwear etc. is also declined point blank as a matter of fact if they feel so. It’s NOT very nice to hear no’s ever so often, but then if we were to see it ,analyse it and non egotistically see their point, we may find that they are bang on! Their no’ are a very clear reflection of their simple innocent minds , free from any prejudices, free from any judgements , absolutely open and absolute honest in expressing their feelings.. They say it because they mean it..there’s no string or any emotion attached to it..I don’t like a certain “X” and I don’t like a certain “Y” comes very naturally and rather normally to them. Here our own prejudices come in the way of accepting their choices and going with them. In introspection and hindsight, my personal learning in polite refusals has certainly gone up! Small learnings from kids have been great! More so , if little girls can be explained the firmness of this simple word and how it would , at a later date, come to their own good use, we may be living in a world with very few #METOO situations! NO! I really mean it!

2 thoughts on “Kids and the word NO”

  1. Saying NO is so important. An interesting point you make, and so true, that adults can learn from kids. The #metoo being so common is a result of thinking that no is a yes in disguise – something which has been reinforced onscreen over and over. Or thinking that consent before crossing into someone elses personal space is not necessary.

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