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Confidence and Competency go hand in hand..the confidence with which we do something which comes very naturally to us, without making any significant effort,the ease with which we go about things that are ” normal” to us, be it cleaning,baking,clearing and the likes makes us all feel wonderful. Likewise, I
notice kids too feel supremely confident when the task they take at hand is completed with their own competent efforts.Kids today are tossed around in various classes and many extra curriculars, some because of their own likely interest ,some by seeing the interest in their peers, some mindless swaying with the current trends in activities while some seeing and getting carried away by the other childrens’ accomplishments .This, somewhere gives the child a confidence boost or a confidence low.The activity which your child eventually takes up after all your trials and his tribulations is the one which, I can say, will be  where his core competency lies. Once the path is chosen, you find the once sunken confidence being replaced by a bright face again.It could be a temporary high, but nonetheless it is something which could pave the way for future endeavours   for the child.The part that we can play here is to go completely with the flow, trust the child’s judgement and give his high a boost. In doing this, there is contentment for all concerned. After all, for your child, you can only show him where to look, what he sees there is entirely his ! This is stemming from his own sense where  of competency and this is what gives him confidence ! On that note, happy confidence building in happy recognition of competence and thereby happy contentment.


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