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Life is NOW!

Everyone is , by now, aware of the universal fact that life is NOW! Still, we go on and on in living with the past, sometimes regret, most times resentment and anger! As the onus to train and teach kids lies with us, why don’t we , sometimes learn this simple PRESENT living from them! The simplicity with which they bounce back from situations is amazing!

Changes of circumstances, residence, school is all taken in its stride..sometimes, the loss of a known acquaintance is also forgotten with time, much to the concern of the caring adult. The adage of “out of sight out of mind ” feels misused at times , but , to give credit to the innocent minds which believes in the TODAY and THE FUTURE IS NOW somehow overtakes any regret! How ,I wish I could be resilient with my daily happenings! Am trying and am sure with time, my kids will succeed in teaching me this simple learning, much the way I teach them about life.. why, I started playing a sport and within months, my unused muscles gave way much to my chagrin..the path to recovery was a harrowing and a slow one, but the regret associated with it made it worse..the refusal to bounce back to the other happy doings was masked with the , why me syndrome! The many days I have spent in painfully blaming the self can be very very self deprecating and , in hindsight, a complete waste of the human potential. Of course, things are a lot better now, partly to my coming to terms and partly from the very easy advice given by my grown up babies to just ” forget what happened, mamma!”

Still learning the power of resilience and savouring the present moment and I can’t thank my kids for this..happy teaching and happy learning and happy living to all you out there.

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