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Small eyes seeing the big world

Who doesn’t like a change from the routine of things to refresh their senses and recharge themselves and what better way to do than a departure from the cosy comforts of your home!

A trip , closer home , should time be the constraint or a well planned and thought out longish break could do the trick. Here, again, kids involvement in planning is a good thing! A little brainstorming involving them can make the journey and the destination more enjoyable and memorable.

Since now my elder one chooses to have an opinion on things, I am asking him to do the preliminary research on places and the expectations he has on a holiday with us. He has been assigned to do a power point presentation on the UN travel friendly countries he wishes to take us to ( as a start, it’s a choice from a max of 3!) . He will be asked to present his findings on the why’s and how’s of the place , the broad internal itineraries, the road less travelled ( a tad too much asking on my part),the must – do lists and the expected culinary experiences! Basically, we need to be sold on the idea to take it to fruition!

This may be a good idea ( at least that’s what I am thinking!) for him to understand different geographies, cultures and people thereof. Again, here,the research done may be a lot more interesting than merely looking at the world map on the globe or the wall version of it or merely muttering a random name of a place.

Hoping for an exciting and memorable vacation involving him from scratch and yes, not to miss on the after holiday notes which would promptly come in the travel diaries! Looking at him to actually take the assignment seriously!

2 thoughts on “Small eyes seeing the big world”

  1. It is actually a very good idea to get them involved in the planning. I agree! I find the the trip also becomes more interesting for them too. And there is a sense of excitement when they actually see the locations:) Great start Kajal… Keep posting.


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