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Less is more!

How often we find ourselves reminiscing our growing up with our kids!! We talk to them about the way we grew up, the little things we did, the objects we aspired, the limited but cherished toys we had , and the likes. While our minds wander in the distant past, we try to bring it in real time and explain the joys of even LESS IS GOOD ! Sadly, somewhere it all doesn’t feel too very good when the context is not picked up by the kids in the manner one would like it to!

The lot of today are growing up in an era of plenty. Even if one consciously tries to limit the object intake of today’s generation, the surroundings don’t comply most times. I may be judicious in my buys but the many weekend birthday favours, the many little things given by visiting friends and extended family add up a lot, whether I like it or not! Here, my take is to take the current context in reference and try and gently explain the materialism of it all to the children. Very difficult though, but somewhere again, I feel a constant reminder of the idea of plenty and wastages thereof may somehow seep in their minds. Talking about my growing up with 2 party frocks and 2 dolls just doesn’t ring a bell..if at all any reaction is given, it is one of TOO BAD FOR YOU!

In all of us dealing with the big material world, as long as we are home in imparting the right values, we are there.  Gently trying and blending our own experiences with monetary matters with the present context may be an idea worth experimenting with. In small measures, I have been successful but otherwise it’s a constant reminder to their ears to be grateful and more grateful to the world they are born into!

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