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Spring cleaning!

Spring cleaning, woo hooo!! Love it when there is that mood to declutter! And it could actually happen anytime or several times a year. The idea is to maximise on the feeling when it sets in!

Am sure many of us moms like to safely store and keep things for the younger siblings ..I had those train sets bought for my son and saved it for my little girl to use it one day, then those half used colouring / connecting the dots books , the many jigsaw puzzles and many other such trivia. Why , I thought that my younger one would wear those plain basic jeans! I mean , a pair of jeans is a pair of jeans and you really can’t go wrong but , when it was time for her to try it on, oh well, it didn’t look any good! I did pull out those dinky cars and the bey blades to even out the boy/ girl barrier, but honestly, they didn’t survive very long! So the idea was not to reshelve them , no matter in how great condition they were, but simply to give them away! DECLUTTER! Out of sight, out of mind !!

It was a liberating feeling to do away with those many used books, odd coloured t shirts and not to miss those many chaotic stationery all over the place! Of course, this all happened in the absence of their rightful owners else they will go right back in the shelves / storage as their suddenly discovered favourites!

I have felt very good at the things I have managed to reuse and recycle and have personally applauded my efforts. But equally happy I am when I have passed on the old bed spreads, lamp shades, crockery and my love to sleep in /lounge clothes and those O so cool shoes for someone else to feel cool in them, if they wish to!

The freshness of spring and those flowers everywhere makes one feel bright and happy and doing away with unwanted, some day/ sometime may want, really do I want ? thoughts out from the mind. Not just the vibration around suddenly feels light and clear, even the mind seems to like it!


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