Mindfulness l

Mind over matters

My interest in the growth trajectories the kids take continues and so will my observations around them. However as a departure, I hope to write on life and the many other myriads we are all a part of, the social connections we establish over time and the way we engage ourselves in our lives. These too would be coming out of personal experiences!

This one today is on the importance of feeling good , positive, hopeful and most of all happy with our lives. To start on this, so very often the matter at hand is not so out of control as our minds are. The ability to deal with issues seems so lost that everything and everyone becomes a difficult task to deal with. The situations on ground have not changed much, it’s our mind and our attitude! There are the normal happy souls going about doing their chores but somehow they seem to be invisible or all of a sudden, the green grass on the other side theory kicks in and wallowing in self pity takes over. The sheer ability to pull yourself out of the cesspool of your own thoughts becomes a Herculean task. The many thoughts, insecurities, fears start to create havoc in our minds and all of a sudden life seems to spin out of control. Nothing much, largely, has changed on the ground !

The way out of this is to sit back in a calm manner and somewhere do a very conscious analysis of the self and the situation  that has triggered this unrest. The optics of visualisation has to be assessed and changed , if needed. Difficult as it may look, it’s the way to go on. Mostly, the mind controls itself and happy thoughts start triggering in once again. Sometimes, when the mind is disturbed, temporary escapes like books ,movies , foods, friends  does the feel good work but then, honestly, they are temporary. In the heart of it all, conscious reasoning out with self is the only honest way of bouncing back.

Mental health is really really  precious and has to be taken good care of. Happiness indeed has to become a very integral part of our lives. My very recent experience in knowing two very close individuals battling mental health issues has triggered this write up! It’s nice to see that both are limping back to normalcy.

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