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Such an amazing trait to be spotted amongst humanity! And an absolute delight to know and meet people with this quality.

If a parent/ adult has overstepped the line in disciplining and the correct usage of words ( which being humans is quite a possibility), this should come out as an honest admission and remorse on their part  rather than the false pride which creeps in out of pure seniority. It would set the relationship right back in motion. Teaching kids to be humble about their achievements sets a tone of balance for them in their adult life, and I have seen the evidences in many a kids who are known to me. As they say, let the achievements talk for themselves.. it feels more weighty and in subtle ways conveys the emotion and the joy behind it.. it’s not exactly wrong to tom-tom about the many doings in a kids school life , after all it’s super motivating, super encouraging, super high and a super morale booster ! It’s the tone and the usage of words that sets it apart. Here’s where an upbringing trait called humility comes into play. If instilled at an early age, can be something to lean on for all of their lives. A sense of false pride has only led to the downfall  and history is a witness to this. Kids who resonate with this from an early age often gravitate to others with the same trait. The playing field for them is of course very very large considering they have only set out now in the external world and their interactions would be a plenty with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Wisdom eventually, as they grow up, will be in sieving the wheat from the chaff, which life would hopefully teach them. But in their growing up years, it’s nice to keep reinforcing the future benefits of being humble. With this, smartness, especially the street smart one has also to be embedded onto their learning else the jolts they would face would be quite sharp! They sure would be learning grounds but again, how to manouvre and navigate from tricky situations and even trickier people would be how well they present their case with a good dose of humility. It can be sensed and spotted from a distance.

The simplicity with which you present your case also stems from how humble you are as a person. Some linkages are sure there between simplicity and humility. The humble and the show-offs among kids is so stark as it’s coming from sheer innocence on their part. It becomes imperative for the adults to spot this line between the numerator and the denominator if it is too deep. The behavioral trait is noticed very easily by the teachers as they have a huge number of kids to deal with and observe. Sometimes, we folks overlook this sense of false pride in the yarn of confidence. Keeping a repeated check  and providing an honest feedback is a good idea. Of course, firstly the folks should have this trait in them else it’s no good. As kids resonate all they learn from their surroundings and their folks, the onus is that much more on us to raise kids with empathy and humility in most areas where one can influence. Some zones cannot be touched upon as they are too much an inherent part of ones personality. Actions always speaks louder than words so maybe cues will be picked up by them upon seeing our reactions and behavior towards people and their certain mannerisms.

Who said raising kids with an all rounded , well aware and having all the worldly good qualities that are there is easy!? We can only do as much! 

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