A beautiful lull to this GREEK word..

As all things Greek which I am so fond of, comes this word with a meaning which has a very soulful tone.

Anything that is being done/worthwhile doing ought to be done with LOVE, CREATIVITY and with a SOUL.

The amalgamation of these 3 wondrous words will create MAGIC in our lives and existence and make living so very meaningful.

MERAKI moments to be found in raising kids, in following your passion, in discovering and rediscovering your inner self, in staring at the blank space and seeing beauty in it, in voila! that little punch added to your cooking to give yourself a Michelin star!

ALL and MORE points to a more evolved way of leading life , be it in the realm of your comfort or outside of it. The choice lies in only us to pull ourselves up when the chips are down and to elevate our heights when the going is good. All with BALANCE in place else the toppling and debasing are the only ugly visibles and the beauty of discovering MERAKI is lost somewhere.

Taking one step at a time, no matter how small that step is but steadily climbing with your soul in it will eventually create what you have set out for and in the bargain give you your MERAKI..


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