About Me

I am at a stage in life where a lot seems like, been there, done that! Still the newness of many things and different experiences excites me. While dealing full time, presently, with all things to do around the house and kids, I have started writing about my experiences with my kids and my take in raising them. It’s been a wonderful journey so far and otherwise too, am a lot more at peace in accepting things the way they are.

I have expanded my writing now in all areas of my being , both in personal or otherwise and am using this platform to share the many positives and joys and insights about all things I find interesting, engaging and thoughtful.

I started out setting time lines and measured writing but with time, I have noticed the writers block coming my way which has been very well accepted by my mind. So, the writings and sharings thereof will be totally when the inspirations flow and the drive comes to pen down and share. I guess the fun part is not being a professional in this field but am absolutely loving the amateur side of me, which gives me flexibility in both, time and thoughts.

As always, the feedback I get is always encouraging and insightful so I hope I keep getting them!