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Short travel tales

Okay, so the summer and the winter breaks are well thought of where it concerns travel plans, itineraries, how to go, where all to go, with whom to go etc. etc. It’s the joy of the short breaks , rather unplanned last minute ones that makes for a lot of excitement for the kids and us too and makes happy memories for all!

Ask them to pack an overnight bag and a few other things they may want to carry and before you know, it’s their whole world they would like to take! What if I feel like playing cards, what if I find a ground to play football, what if there is a water body to jump into so my swimwear is needed, what if my mood is to draw and the many other whats! It’s fun to see them scrambling about for this and that a day before and the stuff that comes out from their bags one after the other brings that amusing smile to your face! Here you were ranting a day before about the many things they want to carry and there you know why they are there!

On a recent short trip, their joy knew no bounds when amidst exploring lush nature and the many stony paths, a badminton court was put to good use by them. All was lost in game and play and the high of eat, play, walk repeat! It’s these simple explorations and chanced upon properties that make for happy memories. Carefully thought out and planned trips have their own merits but these quick short close- to -home getaways make for equally good breaks, more so when the saturation of daily routine is at its peak for all concerned!

The good part about these less thought of trips is that the many what-ifs are eliminated else the longer the thinking and planning time, the more variables come into the picture and the purpose of a break break is lost! Here, one goes with an open mind and really nothing much goes out of place. If it does, that too is taken in as an experience. Keeping minimal expectations also helps.

So time to pack your bags and head out , away from the routine whenever the mind and heart feels like, keeping all many how’s out and develop a child like attitude into new explorations. The world seems a happier place after you get back, though seriously nothing much has changed in the world but a break changes your attitude toward everything and that is what matters.

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Let’s all play B L O K U S! ” I want to see if today I can manage to fit in all my pieces ” in the big intelligent jigsaw that the game is all about. This is what all of us say when we get down to playing. A wonderful bond has been established between us , besides other ways, through this. It’s almost ¬†like¬†” A family that plays together, stays together “. The many happy moments shared when we all peer into that board and exult or whine together is playfully joyful. In my mind, if parents of school going children fit in a weekend holiday board game in their schedules, it’s great! It’s a bond which would go beyond boundaries. In playing together, all those pent up emotions and some deep hidden thoughts all come out beautifully.

A ” fight to finish ” stuff..with a mind challenging game like SCRABBLE or even a catch and cook activity could draw out similar results. Anything that bonds could be practiced but the moot point here is the consistency of time and schedule . This, if done, really works wonders!

The investments done now will surely go beyond and we all could look back at all those pleasant, easy and happy moments. At this time, while the kids are still in ” common consensus mode, my bonding with them is only growing! A couple of years down the line, I may look at the pile of those board games and bask in the glory of their bonding before I pass them on for future such bondings!

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I love football! I love skating! I want to try the drums! My friend is learning to run the hurdles! etc. etc. etc. So many choices, so much to choose from and WHAT WILL WORK!? Questions like these are very common.

My recipe for the right mix in learning and growing is rather conservative. Note please that this is ONLY MY RECIPE and am perfectly at peace with what others want to consume.

It’s not been very many years that my journey and experiments thereof have started with kids but in the limited understanding so far, the mix that I find good is a combination of a creative and a physical pursuit. My two go for one each of the mentioned mix. The creative energy is satiated by any art form, be it music, dance, drama, sketching and the likes and the physical part is addressed by a game play, be it structured or even an informal one works. In this, I have observed that the emotional,social,kinetics and the other 4 intelligence are all put to good use. So the theory of the multiple intelligence are , so far , going in the direction the many writers want it to! In this,my mention of the outdoor game play is of significance. It just brings out the joy of growing up even more! The little challenges taken by the children to UP their standards in their eyes is awe worthy..also, the social quotient significantly goes up..eventually it’s this growth which makes them soar in later years of their lives.

Another mention here is if kids can take up one each of an individual and a team sport, it’s even better..but here, I have observed that children are either/or in this department..either they love a team sport or they are quite comfortable in pursuing an individual one..I am still trying for a heady mix of the 2 and I know I will get there sometime soon.

Meanwhile happy decision making ( a cumbersome time consuming process ) in making our children grow up to be well rounded individuals capable of handling all that is tossed to them.