Hail Netflix!

Hail Netflix ! Besides providing entertainment, it has also given me several insights to deal with issues, be it the life changing ones or the inspirational stories etc. Here, let me draw the attention towards “kids management”. Ever so often, while dealing with simple matters related to children, we often slip up only to regret it later on..let’s face it, the big career of pursuing kids management is fairly hands- on to most of us..why, we didn’t train to be parents at the word go but are ensuing this job hands, many a slip between the cup and the lip is a part of the deal, but in hindsight when we look back, a sense of regret and a fair bit of remorse are the emotions we face. Here is where the super entertainment giant has come to my rescue! The simplicity with which growing -up matters has been dealt with is simply amazing! Of course, being stage managed and rehearsed several times over is why it looks and sounds the way it does, nonetheless ,I have taken certain leads from them and am trying my very best to replicate them in my day to day dealings!! The dynamics of handling situations differs vastly from person to person , but , in general, the laws applied remain the same..really appreciate the narratives of shows like ATYPICAL, THIS IS US etc. for paving the way for smoother transactions with children!


Beaming mommy:)

A lovely new year resolution made by my cuties..” Mum,please keep 2 jars ready for us when we get back home from school today”. I say ok and when they have left, get down to ribboning 2 plastic jars round their necks and neatly labelling them with their names on them. I very often concede to their such small requests!!They come home and say that they have made a new year resolution and pray what’s that!! It’s a good deed done each week to be written on coloured paper and thrown in the jar! ( I very happily give them coloured bits of memo papers) . They say at the end of the year, they will read them all and reflect, smile , smirk, laugh, feel happy for all the good they have done through the year! Am still beaming at this lovely thought and for once, I seriously wish THIS resolution stays!!