Looking back while looking forward

The cocoon in which we all have lived in the past few months has slowly but reluctantly opened up for many. In many ways, yes, we are all moving on and that’s the way it should be for survival as we call it a day or a rather unusual year and march on boldly . The new change of the date brings in a psychologically new ray of hope and a new start. There is almost a pressing urgency to erasing this year as quickly as possible. Is this a step we should all see as a positive one or does this bring in more elements to think of?

While the tomorrow looks highly anticipating of some magical and quick change, some of us are in the looking back mode as now the safety net bubble has not only been punctured but also burst in some cases. Good to feel that we have somehow managed to overcome many fears though treading with caution will be the new normal. Those lockdown memories for the many who have started to bravely venture out with defined caution as also the ones who are still in the wary stage are now forming in their minds slowly and steadily. The times spent together with the family over meal times are now a thing of distant past..good or bad, well it’s the way one looks at it , but they sure have become memories. Those firsts of the many zoom calls with family and friends are now deja vu. They still continue but not in the same light as were before.

When going out was not an option, the drive was so much to get there; now being able to get there doesn’t feel the same! It’s sort of neither here nor there! Those culinary wonders that were dished out are on the list of ” not to repeat for a while now “for those many excesses. Those many classes and new pursuits one attempted will be, oh, looked back with a mixed feeling, some of achievement (the painting on this write up is my experiment with the pencil and brush and colours!) or of a mere attempt but whichever way it was, it sure will be something to look back at. To look back at the ease at which road navigation with an underlying fear of accidentally encountering a human being in close proximity seems oh! so very distant. When it was like a tall order being slapped on us which we had to adhere to, we resented but now when the chaos has restarted on the streets, those quiet and peaceful drives are missed!Today , we have reached a stage of we can but must we, we can but should we, we can but…and all such kind of should we/shouldn’t we issues. But yes, the larger humanity has loosened up quite a bit with fears now bundled up and openness becoming the norm. Like everything else, this year in due course of time will Also be capsuled in posterity.

As we are on the verge of the year end, while the virus does not believe in such finite closures, it’s nice to move on now with a ray and a shot of positivity. As always is the ritual to talk/ pen down thoughts of the months gone by, the missing piece would be the many clicks of those close family gatherings one usually ends up having in a calendar year as also the many short / long vacations taken. For folks with school going kids, like me, it’s the many small joyful experiences of their concerts, sports, cultural events and all the hype and hoopla that goes with it. No amount of virtual technology can come a shade close to the glitches experienced personally and eventually it’s these little imperfections that we realise are our reason for living!

Overall, it’s something that all of us have taken it in our stride and we should only pat ourselves for our resilience and efforts taken for keeping ourselves and all of our near and dear ones safe, healthy and positive!

Cheers to a new way of accepting life as a new year unfolds!