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Our interdependency

Never thought that we, the larger mass of any nation would be so clued in as to what is happening at the country level, as in, the work done by the various authorities and their interdependency and our own interdependency with all of them ! Today, with the media blast of how the jigsaw works , all are getting to know more and more about everything . Of course, going forward, this will result in more drawing room conversations; some insightful, some skewed, some erratic, but the moot point here is that today, a lot of us know how one thing leads to another and how the dominoes cascade down with people, work and situations.

While more and more are getting attuned to the world of tomorrow, still unknown, unsure, uncertain in many ways; some accelerating their lives, some reminiscing the good old days of measured lifestyle but the one common thing that is emerging is the swerve of the otherwise oblivious and ignorant self of many know- how’s about people and processes to a gentler U turn towards more knowledge in things than were outside their comfort zone and domain and probably never ever thought of! Why would we be bothered about how we get the fine ingredients or even the basics in our kitchens as long as we get them, why and how are the kids concerned about how they get their stationery, food/ junk supplies etc.. Suddenly, all have become adept at the cross functions of the systems that run a smooth machinery for our blissful living and lives! I am hoping the term ” essentials and non- essentials ” are understood more by my kids!

All and more is getting assimilated in the minds and absorbed by the individual in ways they can comprehend and grasp it. The outcome will be fascinating to see! But for sure , more economic, business, commercial , social terms like economy, GDP, clinical trials, supply chain etc. have surely been added to their common everyday lexicon, willy-nilly. How interdependent are we as a race is known more than ever before. More and more global awareness is the new norm. So many geographies are merged such that a sneeze in Italy is heard here and likewise. The roles of so many professionals is getting a clearer picture in many a minds. Closer in, and at homes, the behaviour of the spouses and partners in their work set ups and their working patterns is exposed, sometimes to their chagrin too , but the skeletons sure are out!!

With so much awareness may come/ should come more responsibility , sensitivity and evolvement.. let’s see how each of us takes all this added , almost forcefully thrusted information for all our greater good! The important point here, is to reduce the dependency on otherwise taken for granted people and processes  , yet , to use our discretion and wisdom to think and act independently.